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1.54-inch E-paper Display Module Wide Temperature(-25°C~50°C) Resolution 200x200

Discover the 1.54-inch E-Paper Display with 200x200 Resolution, Perfect for Extreme Temperatures and Industrial Applications!
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Elevate your tech game with our versatile and reliable 1.54" E-paper display





This is a 1.54 Wide Temperature e-ink display, 200x200 resolution, SPI interface, Full refresh for 3.5s, and the display is capable to display images with black and white content. Your image holds indefinitely without power – put up your image, then shut down the power. Once these e-paper modules are updated they don't require any power and can actually be disconnected entirely and the content will remain on the display indefinitely. The e-paper display GDEM0154D67WT is perfect for low power devices powered by solar or batteries, such as smart tags, wearable devices, smart home applications, industrial instruments, and smart cards. Elevate your tech game with our versatile and reliable E-paper display!








Special Features




Our product boasts distinctive features that set it apart from the competition




  ●  Extreme Temperature Resilience:  From -25°C to 50°C, our E-paper thrives in any climate. Perfect for both Arctic chills and desert heat!
 ● Cost-Effective and Reliable: High performance without breaking the bank. Consistent supply for all your large-scale projects.
 ● Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Lasts as long as you need it. Power-efficient design means no energy drain when not refreshing.
 ● Superior Visual Experience: Crisp, clear, and easy on the eyes. Enjoy over 170 degrees of wide viewing without any blue light.
 ● Anti-Glare Hard-Coated Surface: Readable even in bright sunlight. Our anti-glare treatment keeps your display clear and sharp.
 ● Versatile and Adaptable: From wearables to smart home devices, our 1.54-inch E-paper fits seamlessly into any design with both horizontal and vertical display options.







Technical Details





Please refer to the product drawings for detailed dimensions






Product Specifications





Please refer to the product specifications for more details





SIZE 1.54 inch TYPE Dot Matrix
RESOLUTION 200x200 COLOR Black, White
OUTLINE SIZE(mm) 37.32x31.8x1.0 Interface SPI
ACTIVE SIZE(mm) 27.00x27.00 Typical power(mW) 9.6
PIXEL PITCH(mm) 0.135x0.135 Deep sleep power(mW) 0.003
OPERATING TEMP. -25℃~50℃ Full update time(s)  3.5
STORAGE TEMP. -25℃~70℃    







Matching Driver Board


To facilitate the testing and comparison of e-paper, we recommend the following driver boards for you.



a.DESPI-C02 (E-ink Display adapter Board)

b.DESPI-L(C02) (STM32 Demo Kit)

c.DEArduino-L(C02) (Arduino Platform Demo Kit)


d.ESP8266-L(C02) (ESP8266 Demo Kit)

e.ESP32-L(C02) (ESP32 Demo Kit)



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Every day is Earth Day



You don't need to be an environmental scientist to make sustainable choices.
At Good Display, we passionately integrate sustainability into the production of e-paper.







Substitute for Paper Usage

Epaper provide a paper-like touch and reading experience, serving as a sustainable alternative to traditional paper and reducing environmental impact from deforestation and paper manufacturing.

Device Packaging
95% of this device's packaging is crafted from wood fiber-based materials sourced responsibly from managed forests or recycled sources.

Energy Efficiency
Epaper consumes minimal energy compared to conventional displays, reducing electricity bills and easing the demand on power plants, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions—a perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers.




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1.22 inch high-frequency update E Ink screen with 2s fast refresh 176x192, GDEM0122T61




Thank you for your interest in our product. We could provide front light, touch screen, and other accessories for you. For more information, please refer to the relevant manual available in our Library or visit our official website at [].
If you need any further assistance or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. We sincerely invite you to send your inquiries to our email at

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